This was originally posted on my blog, Shades of Us.

One of the global goals that Shades of Us has adopted is Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals.

The place of partnership in accelerating growth and development in all sectors of society cannot be overemphasized. Increasingly, we are seeing that…

You know your office understands you when they give you the best farewell gift. Isn't she beautiful? 😍😍😍

So...yesterday (June 30, 2021) was my last day as the Digital Media Officer of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs - CCP Family Planning Portfolio in Nigeria. …

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Originally posted on my blog, Shades of Us.

When I moved to my current neighborhood, one of the things that convinced me to take the house was the road. Oh! …

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I woke up, went to my wardrobe, opened it and stared at my clothes, wondering what to wear for the day. I have dresses on the right side, shirts in the middle and sweaters on the left. I looked at the dresses, most of which I had not worn since…


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Originally posted on Shades of Us.

I have been thinking about boundaries a lot.

As a people, and by that I mean Africans and black people in general, we seem to be have a poor understanding of boundaries. In a way, it can be blamed on our socio-cultural style…

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This was originally posted on my blog, Shades of Us.

‘Remember the family from which you are from and be careful the things you do.’

These words from my mother were playing in my head as I walked to the chemist to buy contraceptives.

You see, I had not been…

A young boy leaning on a corrugated Zinc fence.
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This was originally posted on my blog, Shades of Us.

Every time I think of poverty in many African communities, I can’t help but mull over how this poverty is experienced on various levels. Thankfully, there is a term that effectively explains this: multidimensional poverty.

According to the Oxford Poverty…

Shades of Us is supporting Girls Virtual Summit 2020, an event hosted by SWAG Initiative to commemorate International Day of the Girl. Here is what you need to know about the event.

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is…

Ramatu Ada Ochekliye presented this paper at the 7th Nigerian Annual Population Lecture Series that happened in Abuja in 2019. The theme of the series was ‘Nigeria’s Population Issues: Harnessing 21st Century Innovations to Achieve Demographic Dividends’. This article was originally posted on Shades of Us.


In 1758 when…

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Originally posted on my blog, Shades of Us.

For some reason, the thought of a colleague I used to have came into my head. And it was followed by such immense disgust that I had to take long, deep breaths to calm myself.

He — of course it was a…

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